Feelings of being locked inside came from me initially looking through the door window onto the outside world, in the beginning stages there was a greater feeling of disconnection.
With a limited walking range we have a public swimming pool that conveyed a melancholy feel in the spring sunlight. The pool would not have been open at the time I took the picture.
A child's toy left out in the deserted street, in the initial stages of the lock-down there were far fewer people about on the street
After a short period the lock-down was extended to parks and playgrounds
This picture marks a transition in terms of photography, and started a closer examination of light and the objects around me coupled with the time of day I could go for a walk.
There are many examples of objects found in unexpected configurations - a left shoe insert signaling this missing and deterioration.
Because of time on my hands some play seems just fine - that said the image still reflects the things seen and found, as if they are some evidence of people.
Same as yesterday
Permitted walk - Each day taking the same path for exercise, the same direction means that the Morning sun becomes a recurring theme.
Working in the basement, a dirty basement window with the fly-screen acting as a screen for the leaves outside, the disconnected burglar alarm acting as a barrier. For me there are mixed feelings of having space and work to do from home (which is a privilege) counterpointed by feelings of being constrained.
Be Best - Locked basket ball courts reminding me of the horrors for children on the USA's southern border.
Social Distancing - A wet basket ball court with no people.
Floating about - we see the virus in many objects.
Searching - looking for light on a kids playground.

Pandemic special - each day the same reports of lies, misinformation, sensationalism and punditry
fozzile - patterns of leaves in in concrete
unlimited consumption

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